one year has passed - [18-Oct-2016]ohai, i'm still alive LOL
upgrade plan still pending, but not dropped :)
No Update - [22-Sep-2015]Sorry, our system is in development process.
So no update until future announcement.
Some error on grabber will be fixed until upgrade are succesful.
Lord of Magna - [02-Jun-2015]Finally my long awaited game arrive :3
Almost half a year i didn't write here, and i don't know what to write either...
Welp my plan to update this web still there, just await till i have spare time :P
Merry X'Mas - [25-Dec-2014]Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015
Wishing 2015 will become better than last year :)
well... - [09-Dec-2014]There's some manga from mangahere that cannot be loaded due to unknown problem.
My thoughts is server's IP is blocked by them.
I'll search for another way to bring this back asap.
Just say hi - [09-Sep-2014]Like title says ^^
Problem Fixed - [03-Jun-2014]Grabber is up again, problem solved... maybe... i hope so... :P
Malfunction - [01-Jun-2014]All of my grabber is malfunction right now...
i'll resolve as quick as possible...
Update - [09-Feb-2014]New Themes will come soon this month!
I'm still thinking, what kind of theme i should add? :P
and i was planning to do some test on MG..
Happy New Year - [01-Jan-2014]Happy New Year 2014, I hope this year is better than before.
Merry Christmas - [25-Dec-2013]Merry Christmas 2013 XD
LiL Bug - [27-Nov-2013]Fixed next bug in mangahere :)
Sorry i wuz busy, so the update's very slooow~~~
Themes - [29-Aug-2013]I've add 3 theme, you can change your theme at top-right menu (let's call this opening menu).
Button back to top available at right-bottom menu (and this one ending menu).
FYI, you can find next chapter button right below search manga input and at ending menu.
LiL News - [20-Aug-2013]until now all manga grabber is running fine.
if you found error, please send your screenshot to
First Step - [02-Aug-2013]all grabber is up...
first select manga host, then just copy first page selected manga URL and paste it to search at right side of menu.
click magnifier icon, and 1 chapter manga will appears. so you can read one chapter instead of one page =3